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Woodacre Victorian Farmhouse

This Platinum Level Leed certified green project started as a small remodel and developed into a full blown remodel of 5000 square feet.  All new mechanical systems to include:  plumbing, electrical, hydronic heating, solar photovoltaic and solar hot water arrays.  The mechanical room is an addition which holds two 250 gallon hot water storage tanks to serve domestic hot water, hydronic heating and the pool.  The Spanish tile roof over a peel and stick membrane with copper flashings, copper gutters, and copper downspouts is designed to last for many years.  Close celled spray insulation in the roof helped to make this home energy efficient and quiet.

The 10’ eaves in the courtyard and on the back side of the house were set on concrete pedestals tied together by a grade beam.  They were supported by 12”x12” columns and 8”x12” beams with 6”x6” rafters connected with hidden steel plates and brackets.  These eaves were designed to withstand the strong winds known to pass through this area.  All bolts were recessed and plugged, which gave the appearance of simplicity and that it was built many years ago.  This was a wonderful project that was built to stand the test of time, and have a low impact on the surrounding environment.


Year Completed



Nicasio, Ca

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